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Home Learning - Melling Class 


Your child should know if they are a hero or a legend, if you are unsure please send me an email. Read the corresponding weekly overview. 

Once work is completed email to

I believe in you Melling class! You can do it! 

Year 1 English: Adjectives for Children

Find out more about Year 1 English and adjectives in our FREE Homework Help area: your child understand and use adjecti...

Year 2 Overview Heroes

Video Thursday 7th Quest Session

Watch it then generate questions.

Year 2 -Conjunctions Thursday 7th English

In this video, we will look at :Conjunctions- but, so and because. We will practice sentences and when to use these conjunctions.

Contractions for Children - Year 1 and 2 Friday 8th

Learn about contractions for children with this video specially made for year 1. Check out our butterfly resource here:'s ...

Year 2 Maths (Heroes)