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Everyone is connected to everything it seems these days.  Nearly everyone has a mobile phone, follows people on Twitter, has a Facebook account, maybe Skype with their friends and family – particularly if they live abroad.


Well, here are a few links and golden rules that may help you through the quagmire of online things, in an attempt to ensure your child’s safety when they are online.  Some of this is equally as important for the grown-ups too.


Here are some GOLDen Rules that are a good place to start:


Ground rules
• Agree how the internet should be used in your home;
• Keep information private – think, would I tell this to a stranger?
• Agree rules about meeting online ‘friends’ in the offline world;
• If you wouldn’t say it offline don’t say it online;
• If it’s not acceptable in offline, it shouldn’t be acceptable on line;
• Remember information posted online can be viewed by anyone – employer, university or?


Online safety
• Use anti-virus and parental monitoring systems;
• Know where to get advice – see below;
• Activate security and privacy settings;
• Take special care with webcams – think who else might see me?

• Internet access should be in a family room, rather than a bedroom for young children;
• Know that Internet access can be gained by the use of other devices; such as gaming consoles, mobile phones or the neighbours’ wireless Internet connection.


• Talk to your child about their Internet use;
• If you think your child knows more about the Internet – ask them;
• Encourage them to talk to you if they have a problem or feel uncomfortable.


Keeping Safe is Simple on Social Networking Sites
• Always keep your profile private;
• Never accept friends you don’t know in the real world;
• Never post anything which could reveal your identity;
• Never agree to meet somebody you only know online without telling a trusted adult;
• Always tell someone if you feel threatened or someone makes improper suggestions.