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Work through the spelling and grammar activity sheets. If you need to revise any points of grammar, use the Powerpoints to help you.

Choose the activity to suit you - there are 3 levels of challenge.

Reading Comprehension

Learning Quest

Read the information sheets about the Arctic and the Antarctic. Read as many times as you need. Complete the table about the Arctic and Antarctic. It's not a memory test so use the texts to help you find information!

Arctic Climates and Information

Polar Night and Day

Go through the Powerpoint all about day and night in the Polar regions. There is a link to a youtube video that demonstrates day and night/ seasons. When you're happy that you understand, decide whether the statements on the Sorting Cards are TRUE or FALSE.


Read the Powerpoint which explains the learning. It can be read as many times as you need. When you feel ready, work through the worksheet. You can always refer to the Powerpoint if you get stuck.