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How to Catch a Star

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Mrs Lowry reading you our story of the week

Have a go at some of these activities below:


  • Trace over your name; copy your name; write your name; write your name as big/small as you can; write your first name and surname; write your name showing if each letter is tall, long or short; place the letters correctly on the line.
  • Count objects around your house and write how many you found.
  • Put some uncooked pasta into a bowl and then put it into groups of 2, 5 or 10 to count.
  • Go on a shape hunt around your house, what shapes can you find?
  • Practice the sounds or words in your phonics book and Higgledy Piggledy book (if you have one).
  • Read and talk about your reading book with an adult.
  • Create a reading den and share a story with another family member in it.
  • Paint/draw a picture of yourself with your family. Write labels to show who is in your family. Use your phonic skills to help you write everyone’s names.
  • Create a model out of Lego or other construction equipment you have - you could create a house for Eddy or a cave for the bear or a trap for the Lion (from the Lion and the mouse) to fall in.
  • Play a game of I spy.
  • Make a list or draw pictures of things you like to do with your friends.
  • Make a hand print and cut it out when it is dry or draw around your hand using a felt tip pen or crayon and cut it out.