St Columba C.of E.

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Growing futures, rooted in Love, Hope and Respect

Christian Distinctiveness, spirituality and RE


Spiritual development is a fundamental aspect of children's personal progress that exists beyond faith or religious affiliation.  We work to enable children to develop holistically in order that they become happy, fulfilled, spiritually aware, and socially and emotionally engaged.


Through these Spiritual Moments we provide opportunities for the children to reflect and think more deeply. This enables them to think carefully about the world around them and to consider the contribution they can make to it. 



Spirituality allows us to experience and appreciate the beauty of our world and all things great. It is that sense of enjoyment and being fascinated in learning about ourselves, others and the world around us.


A focus on Spiritual development at St Columba;


  • Will allow our pupils to understand and explore values and beliefs, Christian and beliefs of other faiths and those that are personal and relevant to them and the way in which they impact on peoples’ lives;

  • Will encourage pupils to reflect on their experiences as well as learn from these;

  • Will provide opportunities to understand feelings and emotions and develop understanding and empathy;

  • Will allow pupils to grow and flourish, respect others and be respected;

  • Will promote teaching styles which value pupils’ questions and give them time to reflect on their own thoughts and ideas and explore responses;

  • Will enable pupils to make sense of what is offered to them, understand the impact and make connections that are relevant to them;

  • Will allow pupils to know that spirituality is all around us and it is what makes us who we are.


We believe that, as a Church of England School, RE should be seen as an important integrated part of our whole curriculum. Children are taught about festivals, events, symbols and stories from Christianity and other key faiths, so that we can learn to respect one another and live together peacefully. We encourage children to think about their own ideas and beliefs about life, and what is right and wrong, while responding sensitively to the feelings and beliefs of others.

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