St Columba C.of E.

Primary School

Growing futures, rooted in Love, Hope and Respect


Curriculum Intent:

At St Columba we are dedicated to fostering children's innate curiosity about the world and enriching their knowledge about what happens within it. From the Early Years and up, we nurture a sense of wonder about the location of different countries, continents and oceans and how the UK fits into the world map. We compare where and how we live with other areas of the country and other countries. In Early Years and Key Stage 1 we build on our natural curiosity to observe seasonal changes, weather and similarities and differences in our environment. In Key Stage 2 we use this knowledge to understand some of the human and physical characteristics of our world. Throughout their journey, students develop essential geographical skills, honing their ability to navigate maps, atlases, and globes with confidence. We prioritise hands on learning and love to explore our local area and further afield to practice our fieldwork skills.
By cultivating a rich understanding of geography, we empower our students to become appreciative for the diversity and beauty of our world.

Year Group Unit Overviews