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Young Carers

Young Carers


At St. Columba, we are committed to supporting the wellbeing of all pupils, including those that are Young Carers. 


What does the term ‘Young Carer’ mean? 

A Young Carer is someone aged 18 or under who helps look after a relative. This could be because of: 

  • A physical disability 

  • A learning disability 

  • A long-term health condition 

  • A mental health condition, or alcohol or substance misuse.  


What do Young Carers do? 

A Young Carer will take on extra responsibilities at home. They may be the main carer or share this responsibility with their parent(s), siblings or another family member. A Young Carer may: 

  • Help with washing, dressing and/or feeding 

  • Be responsible for cleaning the house and shopping 

  • Be responsible for paying bills and managing money 

  • Provide support for a relative suffering from anxiety or depression, perhaps as a listening ear 

  • Give medication or help with mobility issues 

If you think your child might be a Young Carer, please contact the School Office (01329 843226) and ask to speak to Mrs Viola (Senior Leadership Team Young Carer Lead) or Mrs Edmunds (Young Carer Lead). 









How do we support Young Carers at St. Columba? 

  • We have two designated staff members responsible for the wellbeing of our Young Carers. We have a Senior Leadership Team Young Carers Lead (Mrs Viola) and a day-to-day Young Carers Lead (Mrs Edmunds). Children can speak to these adults if they think they might be a Young Carer, or indeed any adult in the school. 

  • We have a lunchtime club called the ‘Ready to Help’ Club, (named by pupils) which is a drop-in lunchtime club run by Mrs Edmunds on the last Friday of each month. This provides children with an opportunity to meet other Young Carers, have a chat, put forward ideas for future activities and give their opinions regarding provision for Young Carers in our school. 

  • We have a notice board dedicated to our Young Carers. This provides information including what a Young Carer is, who children can speak to if they think they might be a Young Carer, and details of our lunchtime club.  

  • We have a worry box for Young Carers where children are encouraged to share their worries. This is checked regularly, and time is offered to pupils to talk through any concerns or questions they may have.  

  • We have a link to Fareham and Gosport Young Carers and can make referrals on behalf of a family, if required. Representatives from Fareham and Gosport Young Carers also provide us with information, deliver assemblies, and are invited to attend our lunchtime club.