St Columba C.of E.

Primary School

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Curriculum Intent:

At St. Columba, we are dedicated to nurturing a passion for scientific inquiry to then step into the role of becoming a scientist, ask questions about what they have observed and find out the answers using their scientific skills.  We want to inspire the children to keep asking questions! 

We begin by observing and experiencing different natural phenomena (for example the weather, plants and what things are made of). Through hands-on exploration and observation, we encourage the children to formulate their own inquiries and find methods to seek answers. We begin to learn how to perform fair tests, identify and classify natural and manmade objects and expand out scientific language.

In Key Stage 2, our scientific exploration deepens as we delve into the wealth of knowledge given to us by scientists about plants, animals, materials, and forces. We plan and carry out our own experiments, and find out how ideas can change over time. Through this process, they learn not only how to uncover the mysteries of the natural world but also how scientific understanding evolves over time.

Yearly Overview

Year Group Unit Overviews

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