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The Designated Safeguarding Leader for our School is Mrs Tracey Marsh ~ Headteacher and Mrs Caroline Martin ~ Home School Link Worker. They are trained Safeguarding leaders and can also be approached with any concerns you may have.


Safeguarding is EVERYONE’s responsibility – if you feel that a child is at risk in any way, and for any reason, it is your legal obligation to report this in confidence to the Safeguarding leaders of our academy.  By reporting a concern, you are not passing judgement on any other parent, and nor is the school, we are all simply fulfilling our core role of keeping children safe.


You can follow the following link to be taken to our Multi Academy Trust’s Safeguarding page:


Out of hours  

Out of hours contact telephone number for children's services

Phone: 0300 555 1373

Please note in an emergency call 999

Report a Concern to the Safeguarding team

If you feel that a child is at risk of coming to harm, or you are aware of any information that suggests that this may be the case, you have a legal duty to report that information.  You are not making an accusation, you are reporting information for our Safeguarding team to pick up and deal with appropriately.  Our principal concerns should always be the welfare and safety of children.  The form below can be used to report concerns directly to the Safeguarding team.

Safeguarding Concerns